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Wojtek Morawski

Musician and visual artist from Poland, interested in drone/ambient/minimal music, creating especially very soft, oniric and delicate soundscapes. He is mostly focused on feedback technic and temporary generated sounds with no sample usage. Author of theatre music and visualizations for numerous artistic events. Honored in music and art competitions also for artistic ideas in ecological productions of author’s packages. Has taken a part in most important media labs in Poland (2010, 2011) also as a member of the Master Class. Cooperates with many cultural institutions, eg. Z. Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw, National Audiovisual Institute, Children’s Art Centre in Poznań. Academic teacher and leader of many multimedia workshops for children, young people and students. Vegetarian.


exhibition view // Wojtek Morawski // Tell It Again // 2013

Every time I tell the story - I forget

every time I forget - I know it better and better,

every time when I know it better - I understand it less and less.

The process of recording is like telling a story. Every single frame of video is a complete story. Changes that are creeping into the picture modulate it as much as any relation changes the shape of the story.

All versions of the story / relation for each of the photos can be found at: