Tomáš's works

Tomáš Werner
born in 1977 in Piešťany / Slovakia
is a Slovak artist exploring the intersection between photography, video and performance
in his work, he questions the pre-defined rules and how we perceive them based on our socio-historical development

Tomáš Werner // Landscape Spectacle // Video, Sound / 30 min // 2010

Tomáš Werner // Stranger than Ordinary // exhibition view

Stranger than Ordinary
Sometimes we have the feeling that things are either absolutely real or absolutely unimaginable. That is to say, we cannot imagine that they are different only until they are different and then we cannot imagine how it was before when we could not imagine that they would be different.
Travel is like a quest for something we feel we are missing. But what about the idea as everything and everybody is traveling? Connectivity among places and people, globalization of communication, flows of commodities: tourism is not very much else than a game with mirrors, whose effects reproduce and sometimes transform the landscape we are surrounded with. The comfort of modern tourism is the comfort of finding ourselves more than loosing ourselves. We like to run away, but we also like to land without crashing. An ordinary forest can be the strangest thing. Luckily we understand that what is stranger than ordinary is more ordinary than strange. Or may be vice versa.
Dreams of foreign lands often collapse into vertigo of phantasmagoria, as we know from Joseph Conrad but also from travel agencies advertisements. But to be cynical about traveling is only to prove to the attitude of a global touring subject, whose only thing to say about the complex socio-economic organization and logistics of his trip is that Ryanair has narrow seats. How to travel in the age of choice between mass tourism and customized adventure tours? And how to create images about this age?
Tomáš Werner